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Learn more about digital course materials and custom textbooks through Skyepack’s innovative and accessible platform.

Custom Digital Course Materials


Why Skyepack's Digital Course Materials?

Skyepack curates the perfect digital course materials to engage and educate your students.

Skyepack helps instructors
do amazing things.

Oftentimes, instructors and educators have a million things on their plates. Planning an engaging and effective curriculum is hard enough without the additional challenge of finding affordable course materials to match.

With Skyepack, you have access to a dedicated team of instructional designers who will curate and create innovative digital course materials for you. By working closely with our unique clients and learning more about their goals, we do the heavy lifting, leaving you more time to focus on what matters: creating a valuable learning experience.


Textbook prices are higher than ever. Thanks to Skyepack’s custom course materials, you can provide a more engaging and valuable learning experience for students at a lower cost.

Say goodbye

to high-priced textbooks.

Textbook costs are out of control. And when you can’t find the right textbook to complement your course objectives, you may be forced to assign more than one—a lose-lose situation for your students’ wallets and their learning outcomes.


But it’s possible to cut costs without sacrificing quality resources. Skyepack offers digital course materials built to align with your syllabus and enhance student success.


Not only does a digital course pack dramatically decrease student costs, but it also makes learning a more engaging and valuable experience. Skyepack vows to make course material affordable and accessible to all, providing students from all backgrounds with the materials to help them further their education.

Our course materials and custom textbooks are always fresh thanks to innovative learning features and iterative improvements.

Experience fresh and interactive materials.

Your students deserve course materials that are up-to-date with the most current information. Skyepack’s team uses an iterative instructional design process so that your textbook can be as flexible as your lesson plans—no annual editions required.


Plus, Skyepack’s online course materials integrate the content you care about with interactive elements. Video, embedded assessments, and multimedia resources enrich the learning experience beyond what is possible with a traditional textbook.  And of course, our cloud-based platform is accessible across devices so students can reach the content they need whenever they need it.

Want to learn more about digital course materials?

Download our free resource on digital course materials to learn more about the benefits of going online.

How We Design Your Course Materials

Our content curation process is easy thanks to the Skyepack instructional team’s effort and attention to detail. Here’s how our iterative process works:


  1. Our instructional team meets with you to analyze current goals.

  2. We research the best learning resources available.

  3. We create a customized plan for your digital course content.

  4. We curate content from highly qualified sources.

  5. We build the course— working with you every step of the way.

  6. We provide consistent support throughout the launch process.

  7. And beyond. We use feedback from you and your students to continue improving the course, semester after semester.

Skyepack's AGILE Instructional Design™

Learn about how we apply our Agile Instructional Design methodology to build your digital course materials.
Explore what our clients have to say about Skyepack’s custom course materials.

"Skyepack cut students' costs for my course by over 75%."


- Dr. Miles Ishigaki, Cal State Fresno

What our amazing partners have to say about our custom course materials
Cal State professors love Skyepack's digital course materials.
Arizona State University is one of many colleges that uses Skyepack's services for digital course materials.
Brigham Young University uses Skyepack's digital course materials.
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