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Make effective use of A.I. in your course

Our webinar with Dr. Stephen Atlas and Skyepack CEO Eric Davis provides insight into the use of artificial intelligence within higher education.

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Webinar Highlights

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  • Ways to incorporate AI into assignments without promoting laziness or using it to cut and paste answers, such as modifying existing assignments to utilize Chat GPT or engaging students in analysis of a book while utilizing AI, are discussed.

  • The speaker encourages faculty to learn how to use AI tools effectively and suggests that universities need to establish an ethical discipline around AI.

  • The potential for AI to democratize knowledge is discussed, but there is recognition that more research and analysis is needed to determine how best to incorporate it into teaching and learning.

  • The importance of creating a community where ideas can be shared among educators using AI prompts is emphasized.

  • Concerns about the ethical use of generative AI in higher education, particularly regarding plagiarism and cheating, are discussed.

  • Different institutions have different policies on the use of Chat GPT, with some encouraging its use as a useful skill for writing and others forbidding it.

  • The importance of learning how to work with AI and the potential productivity gains, particularly in mid-level professional tasks, are discussed.

  • The impact on higher education is compared to various metaphors such as a musical instrument or a homework machine.

  • Responsible use principles are outlined, including protecting sensitive data, refining output, and verifying against external sources.

  • It's important to pace oneself when using AI technology and continuously learn about its latest developments.

  • The technology is becoming more prevalent on campuses and is reshaping education.

  • The hosts conduct a poll to gauge the audience's familiarity with Chat GPT, and the speaker explains how it can be used as an assistive aid for educators, students, and staff members.

  • The limitations of AI are also discussed, and it cannot replace human creativity or understand context without human input.


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