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Customized, interactive, and affordable.


How can we help you?

At Skyepack, we work with higher education, K-12 education, and corporate instructors to provide digital course materials and a learning platform that promotes positive change.

For schools and organizations looking to prepare students for the workforce, we can train your experts to create microcredential curricula. Using your experience and subject matter expertise in tandem with our instructional design infrastructure and learning platform, Skyepack can bring your microcredential courses to life.

By applying our unique Agile Instructional Design methodology, your learners can access content that is:

  • Dynamic, engaging, and customized

  • Affordable for learners

  • Immediately available once your course begins

And, as an instructor, you access dedicated instructional design services and full tech support along the way. We’ll also equip your organization with a branded marketplace to distribute microcredential courses.

To learn more about Skyepack's course materials, instructional design process, innovative learning platform, and microcredential offerings, contact us using the options below.

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Other Inquiries

For any other inquiries, you can reach us at

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