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From the classroom to the conference room


Higher Education


We work with colleges, departments, and individual faculty members to improve equity and accessibility in education by producing, curating, and delivering affordable, customized, instructional materials.

  • Dynamic & engaging content

  • Customized assessment tools & strategies

  • Online and 8-week transitions

  • Quality matters integration

  • Dedicated instructional design services

Professional Development


Skyepack helps professional development organizations create dynamic online learning content that meets the needs of today's professionals. 

  • Assistance Obtaining CEU Credentials

  • Full-Service Tech Support for You and Your Students 

  • Instructional Design Services for Course Planning

  • Custom Video Creation Including Storyboarding, Scripting, and Filming

  • Branding & Marketing Assistance to Accelerate Growth

K-12 Education

With Skyepack, districts and schools get a dedicated content team producing and curating high-quality content custom designed for district-level learning objectives. 

Corporate Training

We take a bottom-up approach to the development of corporate training courses, bridging the gap between current skills and the skills you want your team to have. You get a customized course that is engaging for employees, and a seamless way to track their progress. 

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