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Skyepack's AGILE Instructional Design™ 

We leverage best practices in improvement science to enhance instructional design. Our AGILE Instructional Design™ process gives you access to a dedicated service team of professional instructional designers and educational media specialists focused on your class. The result is a fully customized set of affordable, dynamic, and engaging course materials that meet you and your students' needs. 


Our instructional design team reviews your learning objectives, topics covered, current learning resources used, assessment strategies, and the needs of your student population. We're not looking to make changes to your instructional practices (unless you want us to!), rather we're learning about you and your class. 


After learning about your class, our instructional design team identifies available learning resources that cover your topics and learning objective and identifies possible areas for overall course improvement based on your needs and the needs of your students. 


We develop the layout, design, and flow of your course content, ensuring that it is engaging and dynamic. This is a custom process: your new course content will fit within your current teaching practices. 


We leverage content from a wide variety of sources: high-quality, peer-reviewed open source content, resources that you may have already created (don't worry-you retain ownership), custom content that our writers, editors, and instructional media specialists custom create, and content that we license from third parties (if required, we handle all copyright clearances). 


Using the resulting data from the previous steps, we build out your course according to your specifications. By following a project plan that we develop collaboratively with you, you will have full transparency on where we are in the process, and the opportunity to review and approve everything we create. 


Prior to the start of your class, you will have direct access to one of our team members to help ensure that students easily get access to the course. This will be an actual person available by phone or email - not a chat bot or automated support system! During the semester, we're not only happy to make modifications, we encourage them! Just give us a call. 

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