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    Tips to Supercharge Your Virtual Lectures

    Post by Malcolm Harrison
    Production Manager

    The transition to remote teaching in the spring was quick and dirty – because it had to be. While everyone made it work to the best of their ability, there are some simple, effective, and inexpensive steps you can take over the summer to improve the student experience of virtual lectures in the fall.

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    Hints for Developing Effective Lecture Presentations

    Post by Mirely Cordova
    Instructional Media Designer

    Face-to-face, fully online, hybrid, hyflex? It may be uncertain what the next semester will look like, but there are some things you can do now that will be beneficial regardless of the format adopted. One of these is to spend some time over the summer updating your lecture slides. Here are a few hints for developing effective lecture presentations that will work well for in-person or recorded lectures.

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    5 Tips for Remote Teaching

    Post by Lydia Harrison
    Instructional Editor & Content Curator

    A collection of tips and tricks to help make remote learning a more enjoyable experience for your students and for yourself.


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