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SaaS Sales Development Certification

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This certification represents a three week company onboarding experience that consists of sales training and conducting live customer sales activities of a SaaS (Software as a Service) Sales Development Representative (SDR) role. 


Live sales activities include:


  • Cold Calling

  • Elevator Pitch

  • Activity Tracking

  • Professional Email Communication

  • Coordinating Sales Meetings for Account Executives

  • Territory Management


Recipients of this certification have experience going through SDR playbooks, have showcased a high volume of sales activity (cold calls, emails, direct messages, etc), and have experience with sales development software for outreach, training, tracking, and communication. 


Recipients have also exhibited professional communication toward key decision makers (written and oral), have exposure to SaaS sales presentations, and have diligently participated in sales activity logging and tracking.

Certification Goal

The goal of the SDR Bootcamp is to broaden the understanding of a SDR/BDR position and provide experiential learning opportunities to strengthen sales skills and job functions.

In order to receive this certification, recipients must complete the following:

  • 30 hours of work-based learning

  • Complete the required number of role play scenarios

  • Conduct the target number of weekly cold calls (750 calls per week)

  • Conduct the target number of conversations

  • Set the target number of meetings


Recipients must also complete the following training protocol:

  • Complete sales training modules facilitated through the Skyepack platform

  • Tonality coaching

  • Product and service training

  • Sales process training

  • Objection identification and handling

  • SPIN selling training

  • Submit call recordings for constructive feedback and training

Outline of Experience and Participation

This certification consists of 30 working hours taking place over three weeks. Participants are required to be active on live Zoom calls during their working hours in order to receive feedback, collaborate with team members, and execute sales strategies.

We kick-off the program by providing participants with access to our internal training platform and call database. This platform delivers asynchronous training opportunities and prepares participants for live training sessions.


Participants will receive asynchronous and synchronous training during the first week in order to gain product knowledge, understand the needs of our customers, review cold call recordings, and learn how to utilize our sales technology stack. Participants will also engage in mock cold calls and role play activities from their sales coach.


Participants conduct a high volume of cold calls during their first week to learn at a rapid rate and quickly adapt. Participants receive personalized tonality coaching, peer-to-peer training, and report on their sales activities and outcomes by the end of week 1.


Week 1: Company Onboarding


Week 2: Performance

During week 3, participants develop consistency and learn how to apply effort to drive predictable sales outcomes.


Participants focus on achieving conversion goals per call and maintaining strong activity volume without seeing a dip in performance.


By the end of week 3, participants will have completed their sales activity log and submit their sales report to team management for approval.


Participants will be assessed on their engagement with each training module via practice questions, surveys, and a final assessment. Participants will also be evaluated on their communication skills, punctuality, sales activities, and sales outcomes. The activity report rubric provides further information on what work is necessary to complete the credential.

​​The final assessment of this course consists of an exit interview, official performance review, and sales activity report submission. 

About Skyepack

Skyepack combines digital tools, curriculum design services and support, and a robust learning ecosystem to build learning experiences and connections that are focused on learner outcomes. Whether building one course, a series of stackable courses and microcredentials or building and supporting an entire career ecosystem, Skyepack’s core mission is to make education and the acquisition of skills and knowledge more accessible and equitable.


Week 3: Developing Consistency

At the beginning of week two, participants will receive individual cold call feedback and collaboratively set goals with their sales coach.


During this phase of the bootcamp, participants are moving towards implementation of their learning and are working to achieve activity volume expectations on a daily basis. 

Participants start to see their first successful call outcomes and learn how to iterate and improve on their sales abilities.


The second week is focused on operating at scale to produce desired sales outcomes. 


Primary activities include, cold calling, qualifying prospects, communicating with Account Executives, and activity logging.

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